• Greg Barry

    Principal Consultant and Founder

    Greg has been closely involved in the SDA space since its inception. He is focused entirely (and independently) upon producing reports seeking SDA approvals for NDIS participants. He brings a unique combination of industry expertise and lived experience and is greatly enjoying providing these services Nationally.

  • Jack Gillespie

    Participant Interviewer & Report Consultant

    Jack is a Participant Interviewer and Report Consultant. He interviews clients seeking SDA, and then compiles our report using input from the interview and the participant's OT Report.

  • Georja Morelli

    Client Relations & Operations Manager

    Georja Morelli

  • Kasia O'Shea

    Specialist Support Coordinator & Report Consultant

    With over a decade background in mental health, Kasia delivers Specialist Support Coordination and leads the process to achieve the desired and needed SDA outcome for Participants

  • Olivia Weiss

    Participant Interviewer & Report Consultant

    Olivia Weiss

  • Christopher Kerwick

    Report Consultant

    Chris works closely with participants and their supports to prepare their reports, as well as requests for reconsideration of SDA Panel decisions. He also helps with the design of our reports and administration systems.

  • Emma Wood


    Emma proof reads our reports once they’ve been compiled by SDA Services’ team. With a keen eye for detail to ensure our reports are free of errors or inconsistencies.

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