• Greg Barry

    Principal Consultant and Founder

    Greg has been closely involved in the SDA space since its inception. He is focused entirely (and independently) upon assisting NDIS Participants on their SDA journeys, particularly on SDA approvals. He brings a unique combination of industry expertise including a legal qualification as well as over 25 years in housing development and decades of lived experience as a carer. Greg is greatly enjoying providing these services Nationally.

  • Kasia O'Shea

    Specialist Support Coordinator & Report Consultant

    With over a decade background in mental health and professional qualifications in psychology and criminology, Kasia delivers Specialist Support Coordination and leads the process to achieve the desired and needed SDA outcome for Participants. Kasia is currently undertaking a Masters of Business Administration with the view of complementing her current professional skills with strong commercial and business acumen to provide clients with a robust set of skills and expertise.

  • Jack Gillespie

    Participant Interviewer & Report Consultant

    Jack is a Participant Interviewer and Report Consultant, which is complimented by his Bachelor of Arts qualification in Journalism and Creative Writing, and his experience in writing across multiple media platforms. His role in the team is to interview clients seeking SDA, and then to compile our report using input from the interview and the participant's OT Report.

  • Georja Morelli

    Client Relations & Operations Manager

    Georja has been part of the SDA Services team since October 2018 as a Client Relations & Operations Manager. She thoroughly enjoys meeting some of Australia’s most interesting people.

    Georja creates and nurtures long-term relationships with participants, their families and supports and she is also responsible for overseeing the SDA Report process within the organisation. 

  • Montana Moring

    Housing Support Coordinator

    As Housing Support Coordinator, Montana assists people with disabilities to find appropriate and life changing accommodation. As a law student Montana has a strong research background. This coupled with SDA services industry connections, she is able to locate and inform Participants of suitable housing opportunities.

  • Olivia Weiss

    Participant Interviewer & Report Consultant

    Olivia is an SDA Participant Interviewer and Report Consultant. She works closely with Participants to gather information about their housing needs and preferences and collates their SDA application. Olivia completed her Bachelor degree in Applied Science and is currently completing her Masters of Audiology.

  • Christopher Kerwick

    Report Consultant

    Chris works closely with Participants and their supports to prepare their reports, as well as requests for reconsideration of SDA Panel decisions. He also helps with the design of our reports and administration systems.

  • Nga Pham


    Nga is responsible for our stakeholder management and the preparation of our SDA reports.

    Nga is also a practicing solicitor with over 15 years legal experience and has been personally involved with the disability community for over 25 years, with the combination of lived experience and these unique skills set, Nga has joined the SDA Services team to help people living with disability realise their housing and lifestyle goals.

  • Emma Wood


    Emma proof reads our reports once they’ve been compiled by SDA Services’ team. With a keen eye for detail to ensure our reports are free of errors or inconsistencies.

  • Ben Pimley

    Report Consultant

    Ben specialises in working closely with our participants and their supports, to draft and lodge review submissions, where the Participant is not content with their SDA outcome at first instance. As a fourth year law and economics student at QUT, Ben has deep roots in legal and quantitative research techniques. His ability to explain the complex processes of the NDIS in everyday language, coupled with his enthusiasm for achieving the best possible outcome for Participants, has resulted in Ben achieving positive results.

  • Emmily Pollard

    Report Consultant

    Emmily is undertaking a Master of Teaching and until joining SDA Services worked in a support unit working with students with autism. It was the inspiration from these students that encouraged Emmily to make a more fundamental contribution as a teacher.

    Emmily’s work at SDA Services has provided the opportunity to translate the understanding and insight she has gained through years as a dedicated teacher‘s aide into a practical and relevant outcome for clients.

  • Cindy Johnson

    Participant Interviewer & Report Consultant

    Cindy has 12 years’ experience in corporate roles in the mental health and disability sector. She is a passionate advocate for people with disabilities and joins the SDA team with lived experience as a carer/family member. Cindy is client-focused and solution-orientated, with experience working across a diversity of considerations and challenges; including acquired brain injury (ABI) and ex-military personnel. Cindy attends to her work with professionalism, compassion, and a strong attention to detail

  • Amanda Dodds

    Executive Assistant

    Amanda is SDA Services’ Executive Assistant to Greg Barry, supporting Greg and the team to achieve suitable disability housing outcomes for Participants. Amanda has previously spent years working within the construction health and safety industry and not for profit organisations where she found her passion for making a difference in people’s lives.

  • James Brown

    Participant Interviewer & Report Consultant

    James is a Participant Interviewer and Report Consultant, which is complimented by his Bachelor of Business Degree. He brings a unique combination of experience in healthcare, housing and government as well as lived experience with the NDIS and SDA. His role in the team is to interview clients seeking SDA, then compile a report for inclusion in the SDA application.

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