SDA Reports

We work with participant's and their supports to analyse, investigate and report on all of the issues which are prescribed by the SDA Rules. Our final report includes elements such as participant eligibility, expected benefits to the participant, a consideration of what categories, preferred and appropriate building types and locations of housing which are preferred and suitable, and analysis of value for money from the perspective of the NDIS. Our reports make section-by-section reference to the SDA Rules’ provisions. 

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Reviews & Appeals

About SDA Reports

Housing Support Coordination

Our process begins with an initial consultation breaking down participants’ SDA approvals and discussing with the participant or their supports the participants’ housing needs and preferences. Montana Moring, Housing Support Coordinator of SDA Services, works jointly with Greg to assist people with disabilities to find appropriate and life changing accommodation. As a law student Montana has a strong research background. This coupled with SDA services industry connections means Montana is able to locate and inform Participants of suitable SDA housing opportunities.

Specialist Support Coordination

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