"We’re Helping Participants Realise their Housing Dreams by Producing Outstanding Housing Reports for their SDA Applications"

We’re helping Participants realise their housing dreams by producing outstanding housing reports for their SDA applications.

We’ve been active in the SDA space since 2016 and in 2019 we became registered as NDIS Support Coordinators with a view to specialising in providing Support Coordination around participants’ housing needs. 

Greg (founder of SDA Services) is a carers for his disabled daughter who was born with lots of difficulties 25 years ago. He has a background in legal practice and property development. So when his daughter was struggling he started running property projects from home and in the last 10 years created over 275 dwellings of public and private affordable housing – many of those designed and located around the needs of people with disabilities.

We never imagined at the start that one of the biggest challenges would be the processes of Participants achieving SDA approvals in their NDIS plans. We are now making use of our SDA knowledge, building SDA reports for participants. The report requires close sequential analysis of all of the provisions of the SDA Rules together with inputs from Occupational Therapists and Allied Health Professionals. We have suspended our development ambitions in favour of doing this work which we are greatly enjoying and seeing successful outcomes for participants.

Our Reports

We sort and articulate all information in the form of a final report which deals comprehensively and sequentially with each and every relevant element of the SDA Rules and which annexes the Professionals’ reports and housing investigations, plans, designs, specifications, locations etc.


No stone unturned – We feel that if any element of the Rules is missed in an application then the application is likely to be refused. Our object is to maximise the likelihood of SDA approvals happening for Participants.

​We adopt the Language of the SDA Rules as closely as possible.

Who, Why & Where


Who Engages Us?

Participants and their Supporters. Whether before or after participants’ first NDIS Plans. Also, Support Coordinators are welcoming a specialist approach to this complex task.​


Housing Providers, Care Organizations, Investors and Developers are seeking outcomes for Participants as an integral step toward projects being delivered and Participants achieving suitable SDA Housing.

The SDA Rules are complex, lengthy and legalistic. they require a very careful and close following of their details and the sequences of their prescribed investigations and analyses. People who are seeking to advance SDA outcomes for Participants are often no sufficiently resourced to address the SDA Rules' provisions to the level of detail and process required. 

Where do we provide these Services?

Anywhere in Australia. The SDA Rules are the same for all locations and we do our best to reduce costs by working remotely where practicable. We do much prefer to meeting with Participants face to face when that's possible and this can be achieved via video conferencing when distances is an issue.

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